Oil Paintings, Latex Paintings, Data Art.

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    This site is the artwork portfolio, information hub, web development playground, and internet loudspeaker of artist and web developer Caroline C. Blaker (.carolinecblaker.). It was designed and built by .carolinecblaker. and continues to maintain the status of "work in...

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    I am an artist, web developer, thinker, writer. I work and study the work of others who work to increase awareness beyond the ordinary limits of human senses. This work includes spiritual practice in established lineages, inventive painting, exploration of astral spaces, and...

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    I maintain three bodies of artwork: oil on canvas paintings, latex paintings on a variety of surfaces, and digital images derived directly from data. All of these are abstract; and pursue, in their own ways, my fascination with the idea of Infinity, and its confluent...

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    Born in 1980 in New York, New York, Caroline C. Blaker grew up in a tempestuous environment. In her Southport, CT childhood home, she was surrounded by the works of a long familial lineage of women artists, and Blaker found solace in painting and drawing images conjured from her...

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    It's no secret that my bread-and-butter is web development. It's an active, challenging field that presents problem solving seamlessly with creativity. As a web developer, I work independently for myself and for my clients from large, international charities to sole-proprietors gaining their first stab on the web. My clients...

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