Oil Paintings, Latex Paintings, Data Art.

Artist Statement

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I maintain three bodies of artwork: oil on canvas paintings, latex paintings on a variety of surfaces, and digital images derived directly from data. All of these are abstract; and pursue, in their own ways, my fascination with the idea of Infinity, and its confluent perfection and momentary impossibility. The images, which feature spirals, pixels (rectangular representations of singularity in a group) and vibrant colors, in turn give away boundaries, or else what is made apparent by comparison to Infinity, delivered as vanishing points, clusters, color delineation, canvas boundaries, and space. The topic of each piece varies, though these abundant elements illustrate the concepts, opinions, or points of view that mean to be conveyed.

The data-driven work is user-generated at http://twitterscap.es. On a page load, tweets and related data are pulled by http://twitter.com in real-time and mapped into images that “translate” as the tweets from that moment into color using the tweet characters and the profile colors of each tweet’s author. As Twitter processes millions of tweets per second, it would be infinitely difficult (impossible?) to make all possible Twitterscapes, so the ones that do exist have a distinction - that its moment in time, chosen by a person to view it, was pulled out of Infinity.

My paintings are maps of thoughts, ideas, personal points of view, and wishes. The work in Oil paint primarily uses the spiral to compose portraits, spaces, and structures while returning a sense of narrative or memory. In Latex, I use the effects of different consistencies, layering and gravity to achieve some serendipity in what is normally a field of pixels sculpted on the surface from a seven-color palette. From the very first piece, the Latex body of work has been an exercise in how far these colors could go. I still have not found this limit, even imposing the pixel framework. Instead of seeking infinity, my work uses it as a point of departure, determined that all pursuits thereof, be they aesthetic, conceptual, or technique; fit within its bounds.

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