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Conceptually Driven

A blog about conceptual art, and its drive in my life as an artist.

  • What I learned from Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

    What I learned from Alex Grey and Allyson Grey image

    Occasionally in our lives there comes the chance to grasp or to pass by - to meet people who are "Great" or who have contributed to culture and thought in ways that can be measured. I had this chance a couple of weeks ago, and I jumped on it. I attended the Paradise Artist Retreat with a handful of great artists, right here in Bernalillo, NM; at the same resort where I married my husband.

    I couldn't believe my luck. When I found it on Facebook, just a couple of weeks before it was scheduled, it just so happened that this retreat for artists had openings available and I could spare the time (and the chunk of change) to go. With no local promotion, it was attracting talent from a very select group throughout the US and abroad - mainly in Tattoo art. It was organized by a Tattoo arts support organization and most of the "greats" on deck were well known tattoo artists - even published...

Rants and Raves

A casual blog reporting on the life and times of Caroline C. Blaker

  • Having a baby - in like, 5 seconds

    Having a baby - in like, 5 seconds image

    Hi Friends,
    As many of you know, and some of you do not, I’m due to deliver a baby boy in about 12 days.

    I’ve been doing my best to stay active and busy during this time - sorta “business as usual” approach - but as you may be able to imagine, some of the physical limitations that now govern my decisions are making me tired, restless, and less able to push forward than in previous days. I’ve got an extra 30 lbs limited solely to the frontal abdomen that are consuming resources, weighing me down, throwing me off-balance, you name it. The good news is, it’s only temporary. The other good news is - the joy of being a first-time parent for me and my spouse is just around the corner.

    In the coming days before I go to the hospital, I will expend as much energy as I can find to do art, this website, keep you updated on everything, etc. I just don’t know how long I have, and I want you to...

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