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A blog about conceptual art, and its drive in my life as an artist.

  • What I learned from Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

    What I learned from Alex Grey and Allyson Grey image

    Occasionally in our lives there comes the chance to grasp or to pass by - to meet people who are "Great" or who have contributed to culture and thought in ways that can be measured. I had this chance a couple of weeks ago, and I jumped on it. I attended the Paradise Artist Retreat with a handful of great artists, right here in Bernalillo, NM; at the same resort where I married my husband.

    I couldn't believe my luck. When I found it on Facebook, just a couple of weeks before it was scheduled, it just so happened that this retreat for artists had openings available and I could spare the time (and the chunk of change) to go. With no local promotion, it was attracting talent from a very select group throughout the US and abroad - mainly in Tattoo art. It was organized by a Tattoo arts support organization and most of the "greats" on deck were well known tattoo artists - even published authors as such, though none of the literature eliminated other sorts of artists as being welcome....

  • Why I paint spirals

    Why I paint spirals image

    Once upon a time, in a land far, far away; I took Geometry. Like most of the other ninth graders in my class, I found it to be a refreshing diversion from arithmetic and equations (otherwise known as “Math”), and in getting to know and draw shapes, I was introduced to the spiral, properly. We had these nifty graphing calculators, black and brown screens and spirals would animate right out of the axes once the correct equation was entered - though by this time, bringing equations back to the shapes was a brilliant way to rekindle my fading interest in math. And then, there was the geometric theorem (I can’t find a reference) that stated that “all spirals are similar,”  as depending on the dimensions on the axes on which they are mapped, they can be made to look exactly like one another, even if arising from very different equations. So if the shape is a spiral, no matter how it looks, it’s just like every other spiral. cool.

    It wasn’t long after this that I began to draw...

  • Back from being home, in France

    Back from being home, in France image

    Vacations are always good for renewal of perspective, but Paris (and France in general,) for me, is a walk in a whole new paradigm. There’s more to this perception than a simple physical transfer to another continent; there is separate, more natural nutrition. There is human-designed space, architectural and landscaping, to suit design principles and the running away of the imagination. There is a long, well-documented history and elements from various times co-existing like a poorly organized museum. There are differences in weather, water, shelter, rhythm, and other very basic influential elements.

    We stayed with my Aunt Susan who lives in the French Alps in a little town called La Roche sur Foron (meaning, the rock on the Foron river.) The town has existed since the medieval era and left to illustrate this are a sizeable tower (on a rock, possibly “La Roche”) and a surrounding walled-in village complete with narrow roads and an old market area where grain basins in stone still...

  • Collectors Opportunity: One-time Signed and Numbered Twitterscapes

    Collectors Opportunity: One-time Signed and Numbered Twitterscapes image

    It’s going to be an exciting year for me as an artist. This spring, I’ll be attending SXSWi in Austin, then flying off to Paris in June - undoubtedly to see lots of artwork and sniff out a few galleries, hopefully. This March will also mark 1 year since Twitterscapes were first introduced to the public at Chroma Gallery, and as part of Creative Albuquerque’s Women in Creativity series, I’ve decided to share Twitterscapes again, this time at Petroglyph, with an exhibit of images that were produced as the first Twitterscapes, before the code in the script was set. There are up to 40 of these I could show as the progression the images took, though I dare say, I’m limited to showing only a few of these by cost.

    The Story behind Twitterscapes

    In case you don’t already know, Twitterscapes are images created from data provided by Twitter. The program, written by me exclusively to create Twitterscapes, pulls the users tweets out of Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API) as...

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