Oil Paintings, Latex Paintings, Data Art.

Active Projects

  • The Online Store experiment

    The Online Store experiment image

    Help me decide which online storefront to use! Over the next few months, I'll be populating the following storefronts with items. These will range from greeting card packs to original artwork, and everything I have in between. I'm looking forward to this gradual approach for...

  • Petroglyph Creative

    Petroglyph Creative image

    Having left a 9-5 workplace in 2010 and having fought for time to develop, promote, and do my artwork while engaged in all of my preceeding professional experiences, I decided it was time to create a workplace where I could independently take work in all of my disciplines, and...

  • The Credit Card Project

    The Credit Card Project image

    Everyone gets these.They are the silly little fake credit cards designed to make you think that you’re opening an envelope with either 1) something you didn’t sign up for or 2) a card that is so pre-approved, they sent it to you without your consent. Thanks to sales tactics like...

Recent work